June 28, 2015

Not The Only One

Was able to get together last week for a 2nd writing session with Ed, from The Midnight Move. After a long hiatus, feels pretty amazing to get back to writing. I’ve always enjoyed just being the rhythm guitarist at times, and especially finding the right groove for a song. Having said that, I feel some wicked back up vocals coming up soon. (Save that for later :)

Ed has written some wicked lyrics here. Hope you enjoy & stay tuned…

June 8, 2015

It’s Not The Instrument- It’s The Player

3am. I dare you to close your eyes and just listen to this version of “Pride & Joy”recorded on a toy guitar in Walmart. This vid came across my FaceBook feed and made me seriously smile. Also reminded me that “It’s NOT the instrument. It is the PLAYER!” When you check Clay out… there is golden talent behind that Walmart toy guitar!

Props to @ClayShelburn you #ROCK! Thanks for the smiles :)

Clay’s ReverbNation Link: https://www.reverbnation.com/clayshelburn

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June 3, 2015

What’s your favourite song?

Please use this question responsibly. It’s more powerful than you can imagine, and should always be used for good… Not evil! 

 Let me tell you a story. 

Last night I had the opportunity for my personal love of music and my day job to cross paths…. 
You see during the day, I get to work with so many amazing people in the Prairies. About 6 months ago  I started asking each person, ” What’s your favourite song?” Why? Well, at first, I was genuinely curious, and just wanted to start conversation and get to know people better. But, It worked so well, I started keeping a list….

Epiphany!!! Then it dawned on me. These are the people I work with. This is our playlist I’m compiling. Wouldn’t it be awesome  at our next company event to play a personalized playlist? Where everyone in the room had their song played!!!!

BAM! Well that HAPPENED last night! I’m so stoked, and it is now my new FAV playlist: Praire Playlist 

I did add a twist, and provided a list of songs to everyone attending. Having prizes for people to mingle through out the night, and write the names down of who belonged to each song!!! No rules, just talk to everyone in the room and get their fav song. 

Pure magic.  Oh, the mingle made me tingle :) It was was amazing to watch people interact and discuss their favourite song. The stories of who, what, why, when & where we’re flying around the room, as the playlist pumped out the speakers for over two hours!

Smile. Give it a shot yourself!  Ask your friends, co-workers, or family what their favourite song is. I guarantee you will be amazed at the conversation or playlist you can create!!! 

Worst case scenario you have a crazy good convo, or hear someone say, “I don’t have a favourite song!” 

Ok, so because I’m generally curious, “What’s your favourite song?” Please add your song into the comments. I know this will help me to get to know you better!

FYI my fav song of all time is AC/DC Back in Black….  Why? No matter what… It gets me jacked and pumps me up!

For imaginary bonus points… Would love to hear in the comments the story of why it’s your fav song?



May 23, 2015

This Superwoman Song Needs a New Name

So I have been working on this song what seems like forever. This video gives you the gist of the song (with errors and all), but surely it needs a new name. When it is one day recorded in studio, I believe it is more of a back forth conversation between  a male and female voice. I actually wrote it for my daughters, just in case I wasn’t alive to experience their first heart break :( Deep i know!

Love to hear your thoughts? Do you have a better name?


May 2, 2015

My New Guitar Goddess

Saw this and had to quickly share. This  lady has skills… enjoy! #busking


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April 15, 2015

Grooving Some Snarky Puppy – Lingus

OK. Sometimes words mean nothing. Just close your eyes, open your ears to the music, and  in the words of Taylor Swift, “Listen to this sick beat!”

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April 14, 2015

Busking is Not Panhandling

eric-pyleIn some cities in Canada, busking is artfully encouraged and not considered panhandling. In some cities, for example, in parks, near transit, the music and performances can be enjoyed by many, and clearly defined by the city posting their BUSKING rules.   In Toronto, buskers can fill out a permit application. In Calgary they are a little more anal, but at least they have a Busker By-Law.

In Winnipeg last week, we opted to hand out 3 tickets to local busker Eric Pyle, for singing near the arena during a Jets game. It flies in the face of common sense.  Kinda of like the fact we have NO formal busking policy, other than we consider it panhandling.

Maybe its because I am a PT musician. Maybe I don’t know the Winnipeg Police Cadets side of the story (please do tell).  Maybe it is because Eric isn’t exactly a clean cut, non-smoking kinda guy.


MAYBE, just MAYBE busking is freaking not panhandling. The words singing, playing guitar, public performance nor the word busking or busker are anywhere to be found in the City of Winnipeg Panhandling by-law.

Pure personal opinion, but I would love to see Winnipeg have a thriving downtown, and be a progressive enough city to create the most liberal busking rules in Canada. Create a busking by-law that encourages public performance, and brings music, magic, and awe inspiring art to our citizens. But hey… thats just me!

Nuff said. Although, I would love to hear an opposing view point. That always makes my day :)


April 11, 2015

Aliens Are Listening To My Music Right Now

Dear Everyone,

I entitled this post Aliens Are Listening To My Music Right Now, because I’m a sucker for believing shit we see in the movies. I always thought that when I sang live on radio, or had my songs broadcast on the radio, that the signal traveled deep into space. So I Google’d it! Now I am super bummed, as apparently the signal degrades with in a few light years, and the nearest sun is 100% too far away to be HEARD! Oh well, it led to my epiphany for the day… so I’ll forgive Hollywood this time.

So for my epiphany, It seems like forever since I released Rock The Water. Sitting back relaxing today, thinking of aliens listening when I got to perform live on radio, I had an epiphany. I have allowed LIFE to take over, and have rarely been picking up my guitar, let alone writing songs. Sounds like a negative epiphany BUT its NOT! My epiphany, that smacked me across the face today, is that I will “Never Stop Dreaming”! Music never dies. I have created something that will live on FOREVER, even if aliens can’t hear me. #neverstopdreaming

Maybe you have something you loved doing so much… that you have stopped doing it?

Here is that radio appearance that aliens will never hear. While you watch this… I’m going to go write a few songs :)


PS. Yes I believe in aliens.

August 2, 2014

Ovation Guitar Meditation

So last week I rocked some blues on my Strat and, rightfully so, my Ovation got jealous. So, I decided to slow things down a bit, and jam out to a sad SAD emotional backing track in A Minor. Put this on repeat, and you will either fall asleep or find yourself in a deep trance. If you make it past the two minute mark… thank you!!! One take, zero audio editing… recorded from iPhone and Flip video camera (meaning you get flubs and all). Editied in Sony Movie Studio Platinum

FYI sincere thanks to @guitarbackingtracks4 for the sad, sad backing track. Paid for via PayPal to support local music :)

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July 26, 2014

Rossland Brewery Company Jam

This one is for the Growler!!!

Ryan & Petri of Rossland Brewery ROCK! Here is some blues for ya gents…

If the FB video doesn’t work here is the YouTube video:

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