November 15, 2015

Paris Climate Summit, ISIS, One & The Same

In light of recent ISIS terrorist events in Paris, I delayed posting this One & The Same Climate Change video. My heart bleeds for not only the lives lost in Paris, but as well Beirut, Africa, and the other 125,000 hearts that stop beating this past weekend in Japan & Mexico! The world needs CHANGE on so many fronts. The world is broken. Plus, the scientific data on #climatechange is indisputable.  Is this the legacy we want to leave our children & grandchildren?

I’m inspired that the Climate Summit will forge on in Paris, later this month. Our world leaders, and especially Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, & new Minister of Environment & Climate Catherine McKenna, need to ensure Canada shows our leadership, and willingness to change.  This summit, is now, more than ever needed to show the world can unite, in peace, in solidarity, and ‘do more than just’ desire to create a better planet for future generations! We need ACTION!

We can do this! #climatechange CAVEAT: We need #peace… It’s TIME!

October 18, 2015

Drum Beats + Review Jam

Messed around this weekend with Drum Beats + (an IOS app drum kit emulator)! Not my best guitar work, but definitely had fun messing around with different drum kit sounds from Ninebuzz software. No app can ever take the place of a live drummer & kit, but must say this one had me jamming for hours. I could easily change tempo, and was impressed with the plethora of beats!


September 27, 2015

United Breaks Guitars & Taylor Rocks

It’s not every day you meet someone who has a video with 15 Million + YouTube views.  Last week,  I thoroughly enjoyed a performance/presentation from musician Dave Carroll on the true power of social media. He has translated a 20+ year musical career and a negative United Airline experience into pure magic! This music video was created for $150 and has not only elevated his musical exposure, but proves you don’t need a big budget to have a true impact. Creativity ROCKS!!!! If you dig into the story behind the song,  in my humble opinion,  United Airlines completely botched the importance of the power of social media. On the other hand,  Taylor Guitars, who gave Dave two new axes, received a megaton of free advertising for being logical & responsible in today’s social media driven reality.

Must say thanks to Dave for letting me play his Taylor Guitar after the presentation! (Which BTW… I was blown away with and is totally my next guitar purchase!) Please check out Dave’s other songs here. Mr. Carroll is truly talented and has many other songs that need to be heard.



September 7, 2015

Dark Matter Over Mind- Song In Progress

The long weekend has been productive. Ed Legal & I worked out a little more creative magic. I think it’s got legs! Hope you enjoy.


August 29, 2015

Just Keep Creating

Sooooo….Love the movie Finding Nemo… ‘just keep swimming’, ‘just keep swimming’!!!! This popped into my head today, after a 2-hour long songwriting session, with the infamous lyricist/vocalist Ed Legal.

Here are three video highlights. Please only watch if you want to see raw creativity at inception! This is the raw beginning of the creative process …

Please don’t watch if you are expecting Top 40…

Pull The Pin happened last  10 minutes of session:

Mason Jar  (was a song I wrote called Slept In Days… Ed has come up with something I never could have imagined).

Turn  (a song the Ed magically had lyrics for :))

Was a productive 2 hours :)



August 6, 2015

Wish Upon A Shooting Star

Here is an acoustic original, called Wish Upon a Shooting Star, I have been dabbling with for some time. Started writing this one a few years back, and is based upon the cliche of the wishing we all do; wishing wells, shooting stars, coin ponds, etc. I have the Lyrics posted below the video :) Hope you enjoy!

Wish Upon a Shooting Star Lyrics

Wished upon a shooting star. Hope to make my life better.

Realized it was a plane. 747 feel so lame.

Threw a coin in that pond, bounced right back like a billabong.

Cross my fingers, hope to die, poke a needle in my eye.

Dreams do come true. Just not for me & you.

Dreams do come true. Just not for me, not for me and you.

Threw a dollar in that wishing well, prayed to God there is no hell.

God damn, now I’m broke, little birdie whispered I’m the joke.

Held my breath & wished again for little birdie to be my friend.

Forgot to breathe, and I passed out, right down that wishing well.

Dreams do come true. Just not for me & you.

Dreams do come true. Just not for me, not for me and you.

Dreams do come true. Just not for me & you.

Dreams do come true. Just not for me, not for me and you.

August 4, 2015

Gonna Knock On Your Door

My Mom sang this Eddie Hodges song to me in the bathtub as a kid! Was just messing around, so thought I would record the verses :)

June 28, 2015

Not The Only One

Was able to get together last week for a 2nd writing session with Ed, from The Midnight Move. After a long hiatus, feels pretty amazing to get back to writing. I’ve always enjoyed just being the rhythm guitarist at times, and especially finding the right groove for a song. Having said that, I feel some wicked back up vocals coming up soon. (Save that for later :)

Ed has written some wicked lyrics here. Hope you enjoy & stay tuned…

June 8, 2015

It’s Not The Instrument- It’s The Player

3am. I dare you to close your eyes and just listen to this version of “Pride & Joy”recorded on a toy guitar in Walmart. This vid came across my FaceBook feed and made me seriously smile. Also reminded me that “It’s NOT the instrument. It is the PLAYER!” When you check Clay out… there is golden talent behind that Walmart toy guitar!

Props to @ClayShelburn you #ROCK! Thanks for the smiles :)

Clay’s ReverbNation Link:

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June 3, 2015

What’s your favourite song?

Please use this question responsibly. It’s more powerful than you can imagine, and should always be used for good… Not evil! 

 Let me tell you a story. 

Last night I had the opportunity for my personal love of music and my day job to cross paths…. 
You see during the day, I get to work with so many amazing people in the Prairies. About 6 months ago  I started asking each person, ” What’s your favourite song?” Why? Well, at first, I was genuinely curious, and just wanted to start conversation and get to know people better. But, It worked so well, I started keeping a list….

Epiphany!!! Then it dawned on me. These are the people I work with. This is our playlist I’m compiling. Wouldn’t it be awesome  at our next company event to play a personalized playlist? Where everyone in the room had their song played!!!!

BAM! Well that HAPPENED last night! I’m so stoked, and it is now my new FAV playlist: Praire Playlist 

I did add a twist, and provided a list of songs to everyone attending. Having prizes for people to mingle through out the night, and write the names down of who belonged to each song!!! No rules, just talk to everyone in the room and get their fav song. 

Pure magic.  Oh, the mingle made me tingle :) It was was amazing to watch people interact and discuss their favourite song. The stories of who, what, why, when & where we’re flying around the room, as the playlist pumped out the speakers for over two hours!

Smile. Give it a shot yourself!  Ask your friends, co-workers, or family what their favourite song is. I guarantee you will be amazed at the conversation or playlist you can create!!! 

Worst case scenario you have a crazy good convo, or hear someone say, “I don’t have a favourite song!” 

Ok, so because I’m generally curious, “What’s your favourite song?” Please add your song into the comments. I know this will help me to get to know you better!

FYI my fav song of all time is AC/DC Back in Black….  Why? No matter what… It gets me jacked and pumps me up!

For imaginary bonus points… Would love to hear in the comments the story of why it’s your fav song?