October 26, 2012

Rock The Water CD

Today, I received the 1st 100 copies of Rock The Water. Freaking awesome!!!!

So here is the deal:

  1. * First 100 receive a signed and numbered copy. (after first day 47 are left)
  2. * I will mail the CD anywhere on planet earth for NO  additional cost. (If you are in the Peg’ I will hand deliver and may just bring my guitar to sing a song or two:)
  3. * $9.99 to purchase my album and help me fund album number two!!!!

Anything else you need to hit the ‘ADD To Cart’ button below and I’ll DO it!!!!! Ummm….. almost anything 🙂


Rock The Water CD

October 14, 2012

Download Rock The Water FREE

Download Any of My Songs off my debut album FREE on Soundcloud

I released ‘Rock The Water’ because I love making music. I happily slaved away in the studio to bring my passion to the world,  for you to listen to my tunes and hopefully connect with one or two songs,  and I don’t want to give up the chance you might listen to a song a second time just because you don’t use iTunes 🙂 Having said that, “If you feel compelled to buy a song or two, or the whole album on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.  please DO! Every dollar encourages me to start my 2nd ALBUM”

The image below shows how you can download each song… ( Either click on the image below to take you to SoundCloud or use the link below)

Download for free here: http://soundcloud.com/leeraito/sets/raito-discography




download rock the water free


October 5, 2012

Rock The Water CD Released on Alexander Keiths Birthday

Well, today is the day folks! It’s OFFICIAL.  Rock The Water is now available worldwide (digital only for now)! Physical CD’s will be ready soon.

Thought it would be fun, as the last song on the Album is called Alexander Keith, to release it on his Birthday for all those folks I love on the East Coast. Happy Birthday Alexander Keith!!!

I’ll do a lengthier post soon with people to thank, studio stories, etc, but just wanted to break the news.

You can stream it FREE here: https://raito.ca/songs/
Here is the iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/rock-the-water/id567759212

Rock The Water and have a great long weekend coming up!!!