February 20, 2016

The Game of Love-Keys To The Junos 2016

Happy Weekend To ALL!!!!!!!

Yamaha is having a songwriting contest to win tickets to the Junos 2016, access to the Juno Songwriting Circle, and some other wicked musical prize packages (for the top 3). Having said that, there is nothing I’m asking of anyone. No clicking. No voting. Just have a listen and comment or share if you choose. Yamaha Canada Music has judges who are going to be picking their top 3.
Either way, I have already WON!!! I have been working on this song for almost 20 years, and this contest gave me the inspiration to finish it! To me …that’s a prize all unto itself!!!

November 15, 2015

Paris Climate Summit, ISIS, One & The Same

In light of recent ISIS terrorist events in Paris, I delayed posting this One & The Same Climate Change video. My heart bleeds for not only the lives lost in Paris, but as well Beirut, Africa, and the other 125,000 hearts that stop beating this past weekend in Japan & Mexico! The world needs CHANGE on so many fronts. The world is broken. Plus, the scientific data on #climatechange is indisputable.  Is this the legacy we want to leave our children & grandchildren?

I’m inspired that the Climate Summit will forge on in Paris, later this month. Our world leaders, and especially Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, & new Minister of Environment & Climate Catherine McKenna, need to ensure Canada shows our leadership, and willingness to change.  This summit, is now, more than ever needed to show the world can unite, in peace, in solidarity, and ‘do more than just’ desire to create a better planet for future generations! We need ACTION!

We can do this! #climatechange CAVEAT: We need #peace… It’s TIME!

September 11, 2012

Rock The Water Album Art Contest Winner

150 hours in studio DONE= 8 Songs (+2 for Second Album 🙂

148 album art designs…contest  DONE= 1 Winning Album Cover (Congrats George Weis of Tekeme Studios)

Finishing what you started=PRICELESS

CD Release  & long list of people to thank COMING VERY soon.

Rock The Water ~ Album Art

September 9, 2012

The Final Round- Rock The Water Album Art Contest

The final round of the album art contest ends Tuesday. The final designers have been chosen, their digital pencils have been sharpened and with your help I will pick the final winning design for Rock The Water soon!

You can see the designs HERE and even vote for your favorites or share your thoughts in my poll.


September 4, 2012

Album Art Contest

Contest Is Now CLOSED to New Entries.

Hello Digital Graphics Genius,

Who: Is it you? Are you the one?

What: Design Contest -Kick Ass Album Art Design & Band Logo

Why: Cuz you’ll win hundreds of dollars of cash, exposure and well… Um, I need album art 🙂

Where: This contest and all details to enter are here: Raito Album Art Contest

When: This contest ends Monday, September 10th/2012

My favorite album cover of all time is Van Halen’s 1984 album. But… Don’t let that sway your creative genius!

The album will be called “Rock The Water”

Again, all the details can be found here: Raito Album Art Contest

Thank you! for your dark and deep creative genius!!!