October 18, 2015

Drum Beats + Review Jam

Messed around this weekend with Drum Beats + (an IOS app drum kit emulator)! Not my best guitar work, but definitely had fun messing around with different drum kit sounds from Ninebuzz software. No app can ever take the place of a live drummer & kit, but must say this one had me jamming for hours. I could easily change tempo, and was impressed with the plethora of beats!


September 27, 2015

United Breaks Guitars & Taylor Rocks

It’s not every day you meet someone who has a video with 15 Million + YouTube views.  Last week,  I thoroughly enjoyed a performance/presentation from musician Dave Carroll on the true power of social media. He has translated a 20+ year musical career and a negative United Airline experience into pure magic! This music video was created for $150 and has not only elevated his musical exposure, but proves you don’t need a big budget to have a true impact. Creativity ROCKS!!!! If you dig into the story behind the song,  in my humble opinion,  United Airlines completely botched the importance of the power of social media. On the other hand,  Taylor Guitars, who gave Dave two new axes, received a megaton of free advertising for being logical & responsible in today’s social media driven reality.

Must say thanks to Dave for letting me play his Taylor Guitar after the presentation! (Which BTW… I was blown away with and is totally my next guitar purchase!) Please check out Dave’s other songs here. Mr. Carroll is truly talented and has many other songs that need to be heard.



July 17, 2012

Revived Vinyl

Just got an amazing surprise gift in the mail from my buddy GT. Guitar pics made from old vinyl records. How wickedly retro!!!!!!! Look forward to giving them a taste of my Strat tonight.

Very cool: www.revivedvinyl.com


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