September 23, 2012

Leaked Song-To The Moon And Back

To celebrate the birth of my niece today and picking up my MASTER COPY of Rock The Water, I have decided to leak  the first song on the album called To The Moon & Back.  A song about what you put into love…. just seems ever so  right for the occasion!

I hope you enjoy the 70’s organ vibe in the bridge, the lyrics penned with my heart and the three guitar parts I loved every minute of recording!!!

Should have physical CD’s ready in the next 2-3 weeks and an official release date for ya soon!

Here is To The Moon And Back:




PS. Today was a GREAT day. My niece was born, an album was born and … I’m as excited as $%&^ that YOU are actually reading this and listening to my music 🙂


August 6, 2012

Help Name This Album & iPhone 5 Contest

I’m back from my one week of being ‘unplugged’ and just yesterday picked up semi-final mixes of all but 1 song on the album. Yep ~ only one night left for tracking in the studio then this puppy goes off to get mastered!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still so much to do and I need your HELP.

1. Naming rights for this album are still up for grabs. Anyone who comes up with the name for this album will earn digital & print credit. You interested?

2. Pick Up The Phone single ( still need a iPhone 5 or equivalent competitive sponsor) for part of the kick ass contest we have planned come this Fall to promote the album release. If you know of a local cell phone contact who needs exposure please introduce them.

3. Album Art ( 1 Juno winning designer has already agreed to take a stab at the design) Will be sending him the bed tracks in the next 2 weeks.

4. Digital distribution, Contacting Press, CBC Music, Tunecore, iTunes, etc……

Lastly, here is a pic I took on holidays ‘The Calm After The Storm” that will keep me relaxed and focused on getting this all done.

Thanks for all your help.




February 20, 2012

Alexander Keith

Hey All,

I have written a cross genre beer song that I truly  hope you will enjoy with your favorite pint of India Pale Ale! I will let ‘YOU’ be the judge on whether it rocks your music palate or not! To the music critics, “Bring it on!”

Click Here To Download The Song For Free If you do like it please buy on iTunes Raito - Alexander Keith - Single

It has been way too long since BOB & DOUG MACKENZIE have dominated the musical beer related genre in Canada. (If that means nothing to you–then please  just listen to the song, bob your head and ignore my written words. I’m an artist… enjoy the ear buzz and cut me some slack!) If you are remotely interested in HOW the song came to be and my motivation behind writing and recording ‘Alexander Keith’ then please do read on:

It was a hot summer holiday, and my wife…. just kidding sorta! It was the first week of July 2011, and I was enjoying a completely unplugged vacation on my deck drinking beer, jumping in and out of the pool with my daughters, and writing songs  much to the annoyance of my neighbors. Magically I stumbled across a chorus, “I’d like a beer. Mmmmm please! Order me an Alexander Keith!” I then proceeded to spend an entire afternoon trying to rhyme different beer names with Alexander Keith and various other lyrics. I even shouted to neighbors asking what beer rhymes with ???? Yes, they know and accept I’m crazy. After failing miserably  at the beer rhyming game, the rest of the Alexander Keith lyrics magically just came to me. I could literally see the pub, the waitress, people dancing and my friends as I was singing.  There is not much more to it than that. At the time, I immediately knew I would be adding the song to my debut album, but admittedly didn’t know that it quickly would become one of my favorite songs, and be the single I decide to lead in advance of my album with. Life and beer works in mysterious ways!

Setting The Record Straight

YES! Alexander Keith is my my favourite beer. MGD is a close second.

NO! I did not plan to write the song  just to try and get a deal with Alexander Keith. Although half way through recording the song in the studio I realized… they just might be interested 🙂

If you enjoy the song. Please do buy it on iTunes, Rhapsody, blah, blah and sign up on the email address thing on the right… so I can stay in touch when I release my album late this summer/early fall!

Here is the link to buy on iTunes Raito - Alexander Keith - Single



PS. If you love beer and rock and roll please listen responsibly!

Note: This song would not have been possible with out my producer and engineer extraordinaire Len Milne (Bedside Studio), 2nd engineer Mike Pascucci, and musicians; Travis Hauge, Todd Lesage, Darrell Lesage and the very, very patient women in my life!!!