February 20, 2016

The Game of Love-Keys To The Junos 2016

Happy Weekend To ALL!!!!!!!

Yamaha is having a songwriting contest to win tickets to the Junos 2016, access to the Juno Songwriting Circle, and some other wicked musical prize packages (for the top 3). Having said that, there is nothing I’m asking of anyone. No clicking. No voting. Just have a listen and comment or share if you choose. Yamaha Canada Music has judges who are going to be picking their top 3.
Either way, I have already WON!!! I have been working on this song for almost 20 years, and this contest gave me the inspiration to finish it! To me …that’s a prize all unto itself!!!

January 24, 2016

Need Help w/ Lyrics- Catching Fire Incomplete Song

Reaching out to my ‘artistic’ friends. I have been stumped on this song WAY WAY too long and could use some lyrical assistance. If you contribute, and the song goes anywhere… you will be #socan #copyright credited with dual writing status… #indie #rock # songwriting !!!!



Need Some Lyrics ~ Catching Fire

Reaching out to my 'artistic' friends. I have been stumped on this song WAY WAY too long and could use some lyrical assistance. If you contribute, and the song goes anywhere… you will be #SOCAN #copyright credited with dual writing status… #indie #rock #songwriting!!!!

Posted by Raito on Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 2, 2016

Happy New Year of Songs, Dreams & Dr Pepper

Happy New Year to all you crazy people still chasing your dreams, making a difference, and or living life to the fullest. I’m not going to get into a big review of 2015, as new beginnings tend to make us spend too much time looking in the rearview mirror.Having said that, this is my artistic outlet. As a songwriter, there are songs I have been working on for 16+ years. The past is where we came from, the past has brought us to today, and although it doesn’t define us… we can use ‘snippets of our experiences’ to complete the puzzle pieces of our present and future songs, relationships, and dream chasing! As long as we (you & I) don’t use the past as a crutch or excuse… sky is the freaking limit!!!!

So today, I leave you with an uncompleted song that I have been working on for 16+ years called Dr. Pepper. I thinking it’s a fitting reminder that our lives are a journey, not a destination. I started writing this song in a hospital room while waiting for my daughters heart surgery (FYI 100% successful). My wife crying while drinking Dr. Pepper, someone accidentaly stepping on a Ladybug, & a tea kettle crashing to the floor, are lyrics that lack context unless you were a fly on the wall.

May 2016 be a Year of New Songs for you & yours!



September 7, 2015

Dark Matter Over Mind- Song In Progress

The long weekend has been productive. Ed Legal & I worked out a little more creative magic. I think it’s got legs! Hope you enjoy.


October 4, 2010

One and The Same Update & RadioStar

Sorry it has been so long since I have sent an update on the fate of ‘One & The Same’ & everything else musical.

I am very happy to say that ‘One & The Same‘ made the top 55 in in Canada out over 700 songs for the David Suzuki Playlist for the Planet Contest. Unfortunately, it wasn’t selected to make the final top 11 in Canada. I am so pleased it did as well as it did… and couldn’t have done so with out the help of all my friends voting every day on CBC Radio 3.  Thanks again!!!

This qoute sums up my feelings:

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” ~Michael Angelo

On to my update for today. This afternoon I attended the Canadian RadioStar Songwriting Workshop held at the Park theater in Winnipeg. Not only did I receive a live panel critique of ‘One & The Same’, but as well took away some amazing songwriting tips from Dan Hill. For those of you who don’t know Dan is one of Canada’s true songwriting geniuses, who has penned songs for the likes of Celine Dion, 98 Degrees, Brittney Spears & 100’s more. The advice I received WILL make me a better songwriter and I can’t wait to show YOU some of the stuff I am working on. I also was able to meet Renee, of Keith & Renee, the artist(s) whose song ‘The One‘ ended up being one of the Playlist for the Planet Winners. Congrats again Renee and it was great meeting you.

Lastly, I have selected my next two songs to go into the studio with; The River Runs & Three Guitars. These are two very different songs that will reveal two completely different sides of my writing! I will be trying to get into the studio over the next several months and so look forward to updating you soon.

Thanks a million for your support and make sure to post your thoughts as a comment and or send me an email to stay in touch.