March 3, 2012

Studio & Winn$tock

Big news!

I’ll be performing Alexander Keith, and one other song off my upcoming album, live at Winn$tock March 15th (Cowboys Night Club). There are 5 bands battling for the title, of which I’m not one! Just there to entertain and perform for 10 minutes in between the 1st and second set. You can get tickets here: This is a great charity event and a wicked time… Join us if you can!

Also, heading back into the studio today to start editing the rest of the songs on the album! Still a few songs left to record too… I’ll try and get some pics and new video up soon.


PS. Thanks for all the encouragement re: Alexander Keith! It’s been a ride commercially releasing my first single. Lots to learn about radio promotion, licensing, etc…

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February 17, 2011

Open Mic Night

I hate to admit this, but tonight was my very first Open Mic Night… ever!

Literally, just minutes ago I got back from Bellavista’s Wednesday Open Mic night, where I got a chance to perform Three Guitars, Super Woman & a new song I have been working on called Rock The Water.  I have spent so much time this past year writing and thinking about the studio,  I almost forgot how much of a rush it is to perform live. Such an amazing diverse group of local performers were present; blues, folk & pop just name a few genre’s… really cool!

When I was asked what my genre is I again stammered my usual answer, “I don’t know what I am!”  Honestly, I don’t care what genre I will eventually be labeled with . I just write my music from deep down in that place only I can go.

Anyway! The night was a blast and as it came about on such short notice, sorry I wasn’t able to get an invite out to anyone.

Mucho thanks to Tim Butler for getting me on the docket early enough  in the night that I won’t be bagged working tomorrow. Also a big thanks to Rick for pushing me to go & not actually being there 🙂

Until next time…

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