October 10, 2016

Busking Success for Winnipeg 2016

I will update this soon, but wanted to quickly say to everyone that the City of Winnipeg has indicated they will produce a communication plan by the end of 2016 on Busking in Winnipeg. This is, to my best understanding, following the Edmonton model of clearly communicating existing by-laws, via our city website, and promoting the diversity of the arts in the Peg.

Select qoutes from City Council Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services & Parks- October 14th/2016:

Direction 1: Continue to develop Winnipeg’s unique artistic identity and diversity of expression.
Direction 6: Promote awareness of the richness of Winnipeg’s arts & culture within and outside Winnipeg.
Direction 8: Establish Winnipeg as a city of choice and desired destination for artists and creative professionals.

In short, I do believe this is an excellent outcome and win for buskers IN and travelling through Winnipeg. Happy Thanksgiving! #winnipegrocks