May 11, 2016

Busking Radio Silence Update, NO Busking Bylaw & Next Steps

My apologies for the radio silence the last two days. If you have been following my busker proposal this past week then here is the update. If not, in one sentence or less, I have had a fair amount of local media reaction to my proposal to Winnipeg City Council to implement guidelines for busking in Winnipeg; with the intent to have more freedom and more buskers performing in Winnipeg public spaces! #moreofagoodthing (Skip to the end of you just want the Winnipeg City Council Update)


So, after writing an open letter to the mayor/city councillors, I spent time explaining my proposal to multiple media outlets (CBC, CTV, Metro, Bell Media, etc.). Here is a short interview with Richard Cloutier (CJOB Radio Winnipeg) so you get the gist.

Youtube Link:

CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: On May 9th, a few hours after the CJOB interview, I found myself patiently waiting at City Hall (Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks) to state my case. Unfortunately, I didn’t book the entire morning off and ran out of time, due to another local issue running WAY longer than expected.  After excusing myself, I did leave behind the Edmonton Busking Guidelines and learnt later that City Council committee unanimously agreed to  review busking guidelines in Winnipeg. I did request to speak at a future meeting, and kinda promised I would bring my guitar next time! 🙂

My intent is to follow up with the committee in the next couple of weeks and ensure that they are considering all the angles/facts when it comes busking in Winnipeg. The ultimate desire is to make busking easier, more transparent, and the most street performing friendly city in Canada.

July 23, 2010

One and The Same

Officially released my first (independent) single ‘One & The Same‘:

Again, I wrote this song specifically for the David Suzuki ‘Playlist for the Planet’ in hopes of making a small difference in this world that we can all choose to save. If you connect with the lyrics & music please take the time to sign up on the CBC website as a fan and FAVORITE the song ( for now it is only available on the CBC website)!!!

Click Here To Play Song

(On the CBC Radio 3 website Please sign up as a fan, click the fav button, & share with everyone in the world who might owe you a favour:) Voting starts August 15th….. so I’ll be hitting everyone up again then.

Thanks to the following people for making this song come to life:  Len Milne (Producer, Engineer & Various Instruments), Samantha Rech (Wicked Female Vocalist), Blaine Badiuk (Fiddle Player), Todd Lesage (Drums),   Travis Hauge (Bass), Gang Vocals (Wally, Sam, Blaine Travis, Todd, Mom, Dad, Anke, & all my imaginary friends!

Now, time for a well deserved break and road trip with my girls….